Carly and Freddie [Creddie] (from iCarly)Edit

  • Freddie (Robbie) is a nerd.
  • Carly (Tori) is the star of the show who is normal and appears to care about her work and be a good student.
  • Freddie (Robbie) has a stalker-like crush on Carly (Tori), and Carly isn't impressed by it.
  • Carly (Tori), can get Freddie (Robbie) to do things that he doesn't want to do, and vice-versa.

Leonard and Penny (from The Big Bang Theory)Edit

  • Leonard (Robbie) is a nerd and Penny (Tori), a hot chick.
  • Leonard (Robbie) is lactose intolerant.
  • Leonard (Robbie) had loved Penny (Tori) since the first time they met.
  • Leonard's (Robbie's) friend, Sheldon (Rex), says that Penny (Tori) will never love him.
  • Penny calls Leonard a geek, but not in a mean way.

Ross and Rachel (from Friends)Edit

Ross and Rachel
  • At the beggining of the series, Ross (Robbie) keeps hiding his crush of Rachel (Tori).
  • Ross (Robbie) is the geeky one of his group of friends.
  • Rachel (Tori) is very caring and affectionate towards her friends.
  • Their friendship almost ended when Marcel's (Rex's) safety was in danger.
  • Rachel's (Tori's) father, Leonard (David), hates Ross (Robbie).

Peter and Mary-Jane (Spider-Man, various sources)Edit

  • Peter (Robbie) is the nerd guy and Mary-Jane is the pretty girl.
  • Peter (Robbie) has loved Mary-Jane (Tori) since the first day he met her.
  • Peter gets jealous when Mary-Jane is dating a "cooler" boy (Ryder).
  • Peter (Robbie) also shows to have feelings for another friend, Gwen (Cat).