Rex Powers is Robbie Shapiro's ventriloquist dummy. Since Robbie is too shy to speak for himself most of the time, he talks as Rex. He is Robbie's possible cooler alter ego, in fact. He does not like to be called a "dummy" or "puppet". He says whats on his mind and doesn't hold back or beat around the bush.

He frequently hits on Tori Vega, what makes many fans believe Robbie has a crush on Tori. Rex is considered the official mascot of Rori.

Rori/Rex factsEdit

Rex is Robbie's dummy and most fans believe that he is also his alter-ego. As Rex clearly has a crush on Tori, it is probably because Robbie also has. Rex doesn't show much respect for Robbie, but Tori is one of the few characters Rex threats well.

  • Rex revealed on that Robbie's password at the website is "Tori loves me".
  • Tori is the only girl on the main cast that has a better relationship with Rex.
  • Rex frequently says that Tori is "hot", he even invites her to join his "Hot Chick Volleyball Squad".
  • Tori is the only one who Robbie gives permission to hold Rex, as seen in Rex Dies and mentioned by André on a post at TheSlap.
  • When Tori "killed" Rex, she seemed really worried. After seeing how Robbie was sad, she "ressurrected" him.
  • Rex and Tori kissed once, in the episode Sleepover at Sikowitz's

Fan representationEdit

Rex is represented as the official mascot of Rori. Rex usually plays an antagonistic role on fanfictions of other pairings related to Robbie, while most of Rori fanfictions show Rex in a supportive role.

Some fans believe when Rex makes comments about Tori, it is Robbie's excuse to flirt with Tori without getting in trouble.