Robbie Shapiro is one of the main characters on Victorious. He's a shy, awkward student, but he's also a good friend, loyal and smart. He is a student at Hollywood Arts High School who usually carries Rex, a ventriloquist puppet around with him. During the show he always gets into minor troubles and has a few subplots.

He is portrayed by Matt Bennett.


  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
  • Skin Color: Very Pale
  • Trademark: Glasses, puppet, and a curly Afro

Relationship with Tori

See Rori

(2010-present: Good Friend; Possible Crush)

It is clearly shown that since the Pilot episode, Robbie has a crush on Tori Vega. However, as the series progresses, it is getting harder and harder to to tell if he still has a crush on her. He asked Tori to keep smoothing his ear when she tried to get information on The Bird Scene. Rex, Robbie's puppet, shares his expressions to Tori. It could be that Robbie is shy but Rex says things out loud to her for him. In Rex Dies, he asks Tori to stay with him in Rex's hospital room for comfort. Tori turns on the heart monitor reviving Rex to make Robbie feel better. It is revealed in the episode Beggin' on Your Knees that Robbie secretly spies on Tori from the bushes behind her house. In The Worst Couple, Robbie and Tori are paired up for Sinjin's game show, it causes Robbie to think they are a couple. In April Fools Blank (a non-canonical episode), they almost kiss.