This is the list of moments of Tori Vega and Robbie Shapiro.

Season 1Edit


  • Robbie is seen backstage, enjoying Tori's performance.
  • Robbie is seen right behind Tori after her performance.
  • Tori asks Robbie if he can help her find Sikowitz's class.
  • Robbie can't give good directions to Tori, so Rex helps her out.
  • Rex shows interest in her, and Robbie gives her a look of apology.
  • When Rex calls Tori 'cupcake', it could be because he is afraid to say that to her himself.

The Bird SceneEdit

  • To get Robbie to reveal the secret to completing the Bird Scene, Tori sweetly massages his ear/hair. Robbie seems to enjoy this, though Rex believes she has ulterior motives.
  • Robbie says whatever problem Tori has, he'll "kill it".


  • Tori encourages Robbie to continue his blog.
  • Tori stays with Robbie when the rest of the group pretends to see "that guy" and leave.
  • She tells him not to eat the fake snow unless he wants to bleed internally, saving him from harm.
  • Tori smiles and pats Robbie on the shoulder before walking off.
  • After Tori gives him some ideas for his blog and walks away, Robbie says, "She's so cute".
  • Both call each other "cute" in this episode.
  • At the end of episode, Tori posts about Robbie's new blog. It shows she got interested on what he's doing.

Rex DiesEdit

  • Robbie blames Tori for murdering Rex and gets mad at her. Tori seems really hurt about this and about the fact that Rex died.
  • At the hospital, Robbie asks Tori to stay with him while he says goodbye. He says he just needs a woman with him.
  • They sing "Forever Baby" to Rex.
  • Robbie holds on to Tori and cries on her shoulder. Tori comfortingly pats him on the back.
  • When Rex dies, Robbie reaches over and pets Tori's back.
  • Tori brings Rex "back to life" after she sees how sad Robbie is. She has a large smile on her face when Robbie sees that Rex is alive again.

Season 2Edit

Beggin' on Your KneesEdit

  • When Robbie is said to be off key, he says Tori was off key and she rolls her eyes.
  • Robbie thinks that him and Tori should sing the duet together.
  • When arguing with the other students about who gets to sing with Tori, another girl mentions he worked with Tori on the last project.
  • Tori says that she is singing a solo and not a duet with Robbie.
  • Tori asks Robbie if there's a reason above all the other reasons, why girls won't go out with him.
  • Robbie asks Tori if Ryder just asked her out. He then asks if he gave her a present, money, or anything.
  • Robbie says he doesn't understand why Tori went out with Ryder.
  • Robbie asks if he can watch Tori on her date.
  • Robbie says that he can hide in the bush on the back porch and that they'll never see him. Tori then says that Ryder will see him. Robbie says she never has seen him. This suggests that Robbie has been watching Tori because he likes her.
  • Tori realizes that Robbie is watching her through the bush.
  • Tori says that Robbie is invading her privacy. She then tells him to leave.

Tori Gets StuckEdit

  • Tori stays and gives three pints of blood for Robbie.
  • When Robbie is holding a bag of Tori's blood, he says "It's like I'm holding liquid you in my hands."
  • Both Tori and Robbie have O-blood.
  • Tori discovers that Robbie was wearing SpongeBob underwear (meaning she was looking at Robbie's "lower part").
  • Robbie calls Tori his blood angel.
  • Robbie calls Tori "sweet like taffy."
  • Robbie pokes Tori playfully in her stomach.
  • Tori doesn't mind when Robbie pokes her stomach.
  • Tori tells Robbie to go faster to the nurse, and Robbie does so (although he looked like he didn't want to).
  • Tori fluffs Robbie's pillow.
  • When Tori walks into Robbie's room, Tori says, "Aw."

Locked Up!Edit

  • Robbie and Tori are the two to land the rest of the gang in jail, and they are probably the most hated in Yerba.
  • When Tori was talking to her parents, Robbie stood next to her.
  • Robbie announced Tori when Tori, Jade, André, Cat and Trina were about to perform in Yerba.
  • Robbie was very sad that Tori had to go to prison.
  • Robbie seemed like he was going to cry when Tori was taken away by the guards.
  • They stand next to each other when they got themselves locked up. Tori commented harshly to Robbie about he accidentally killed the octopus in the chancellor office.

Helen Back AgainEdit

  • Tori is standing with Robbie when he buys the new bike, and she congratulates him and says he's going to look "really snazzy."
  • When Robbie asks if he could ask Tori something, she says she won't shave his neck again, implying she already has. She then rubs it after the subject has past and says "It is getting hairy.." as if she was willing to shave it for him.
  • Tori gets very mad at Helen for running over Robbie's bike.
  • Tori and Robbie both stand up together for Robbie against Helen.
  • Tori abandons Robbie as soon as she finds out Helen was the new principal, and runs away, but Robbie doesn't hold it against her.
  • Robbie asks if Tori would want to date him if he had that bike, and Tori tells him no, but that it's a really cool bike.
  • Robbie puts his arm to rest on Tori's shoulder.
  • Robbie doesn't understand why Tori is being kicked out, meaning he thinks she's talented. He says "They can't just kick you out of Hollywood Arts."
  • Robbie goes with the gang to try to persuade Helen to let Tori stay at the school.
  • After the second time Tori says "please" when Robbie denies her plan (of getting Trina back in Hollywood Arts), he finally agrees to help her.
  • Robbie was willing to take a beating, just to help Tori get Trina back into Hollywood Arts.

Jade Gets CrushedEdit

  • Robbie (and Rex) are tutoring Tori for her Theater Tech exam.
  • When Tori finds out she passed the exam, she hugs Robbie vigorously.
  • Robbie (through Rex) offers to give Tori a neck massage.
  • Tori records Robbie attempting to create lyrics to André's tune, and when she says she'll record it on her pear pad Robbie gets very excited, and says, "yesss."
  • When Robbie is recording the lyrics for Andre's song he is looking directly at Tori, and he seems very nervous.
  • Robbie pats Tori on the head, showing that he may like her, but she tells him to stop, implying she doesn't feel the same way.
  • Robbie seems sad and jealous when Tori replaced him as Tech Theatre Top Student, but he didn't get mad at her or blame her outright.
  • After the performance of "365 Days" with André, Tori rushes up to Robbie and hugs him before anyone else. Tori also rushes towards Robbie with lots of excitement in her expression.

Season 3Edit

A Christmas ToriEdit

  • Tori tries to stop André from knocking Robbie over.
  • Tori tries to tell Robbie that he shouldn't do as Trina asks because she's just using him.
  • Robbie is okay with Trina using him, and Tori seems sad and annoyed by this.
  • Tori has a concerned look on her face when Trina hoses his face.
  • Tori is impressed by Robbie's present for Cat.

The Breakfast BrunchEdit

  • Robbie keeps calling Tori conceited, and she seems offended when he does so.
  • Robbie grabs onto Tori's waist and pulls her on him, and she's laughing and smacking him playfully.
  • Robbie pulls up Tori's shirt and blows raspberries into her stomach.
  • Rex caused Robbie to get another detention after Tori and Jade got more detentions, possibly so he can spend more time with Tori and Jade.
  • Tori defends Robbie when Jade said it was his fault for all of them getting detention.
  • Robbie didn't want Tori to know he was a vegan.
  • Jade says that Robbie and Tori shared a taco.

The Gorilla ClubEdit

  • Robbie asks Tori what she's going to do about her acting.
  • Robbie is interested in Tori's audition, asking her when it will take place.
  • After Tori finds out that Robbie's butt is lopsided, she looks at Robbie's butt to see if this is true.
  • Tori didn't have to stare at Robbie's butt.
  • Robbie is there to support Tori when she practices her audition for the 2nd time with Sikowitz.
  • Robbie is also there to support Tori when she takes on the The Gorilla Club.

The Worst CoupleEdit

  • Tori asks Robbie to unplug and plug in her phone for her, and he does so happily.
  • Tori accidentally knocks Robbie over when unplugging her phone and feels bad about it and asks him if he is okay.
  • When Robbie says that his father is embarrassed of him, Tori is looking towards Robbie with a slightly concerned look on her face.
  • Tori and Robbie compete as a couple on Queries For Couples and sit together on a heart shaped couch.
  • When they're both introduced as couple #2 Tori says "We're not really a couple" because of Tori's comment Robbie slouches sadly.
  • Robbie comes to Tori's locker and greets her by saying "What's up, girlfriend?"
  • Robbie goes in for a kiss when he greets Tori at her locker, but Tori grabs his lips and tells him to stop pretending that they are a couple.
  • Robbie tells Tori that he fixed her phone then shows her a device with two car batteries on a trolley. (Indicating that Robbie cares for Tori)
  • On the game show, Robbie keeps saying that Tori is his girlfriend even though she keeps denying it.
  • Robbie grabs Tori hand and says "What would my GIRLFRIEND Tori say?" on the gameshow, and Tori slaps his hand. After Tori slaps his hand, Robbie then again became upset and put the choice button device back down.

Tori & Jade's Play DateEdit

  • In the deleted scene, when Tori tells Jade to "ask her butt" why she was sitting in Jade's chair, Robbie looks at her butt with a surprised look on his face.
  • Robbie tries to help Tori by agreeing that Jade can sit anywhere in the classroom.
  • At the beginning of the deleted scene, Tori and Robbie are talking and smiling at one another and for some reason are holding/touching their hands.
  • Robbie is at Jade and Tori's play, and claps enthusiastically when it ends.
  • If you look closely, Robbie is trying to wave to Tori (or Jade) when they run away.

April Fools BlankEdit

  • Robbie tells Tori that the Beverly Hills Volcano will erupt in three and a half minutes.
  • Tori asks Robbie what they should do.
  • Robbie wants to spend his last moments having his face smushed against Tori's face.
  • Robbie grabs Tori's hand to persuade her to kiss him.
  • Tori agrees to kiss Robbie, and they almost do.
  • After Beck interrupts Tori and Robbie, Robbie tries to make another excuse to kiss her.

How Trina Got InEdit

  • Tori helped Robbie to massage his Mamaw's feet.
  • Tori went for lunch with Robbie at Nozu.
  • Robbie wanted to pay the lunch for them both.
  • Robbie puts his arm around Tori while telling Mrs. Lee why he owes her.
  • Tori thought Robbie was gonna bring his wallet, so she didn't bring her backpack.
  • Tori blamed Robbie for breaking the plates so she could leave the restaurant.
  • Tori suggests she can sneak out of the restaurant. Robbie agreed with her.

Crazy PonnieEdit

  • Robbie was at the Vega's house together with (Beck and André) to try and calm down Tori.
  • Robbie sang Tori a song to make her feel calm (and a little less insane).
  • Robbie (through Rex) asked, "Is it just me or is Tori a lot hotter now that's she's crazy?" Then Robbie nodded his head in agreement.
  • In the song, he says that she should kiss him.

Wanko's WarehouseEdit

  • Tori helps Robbie sharing her bin with him.
  • Robbie goes under Tori's bin and tells her "I like where this is going!" to which Tori responds by saying "I do not!".
  • When sharing the same bin, Robbie puts his arms around Tori.
  • Tori gave Robbie a walkie-talkie so they could communicate after he slid under the lasers.
  • Tori seemed worried when Robbie was taking a while to come back.

The Hambone KingEdit

  • The plot was centered around Rori.
  • When Robbie was laying on the ground in the alley, Tori comforted and hugged him.
  • They both used/are hamboning.
  • Tori helped Robbie with sharping his hamboning skills.
  • Tori and Robbie (along with Cat) hang out at Nozu.
  • They were both went against Gerold Arnpeg in hamboning.
  • When Robbie asks Tori to help train him, he pulls her into a hug and kisses her cheek.
  • After Robbie leaves to get air, Tori decides to go out and see how he's doing. They end up talking and it gets to the point when Robbie asks Tori if she thinks he can take Gerold down. She says "I think you can be anything you want to be.", he asks if he could even be her boyfriend and Tori says "Oh, God, no."

Three Girls And A MooseEdit

  • Robbie seems jealous and/or upset about the attention Tori is giving Moose.
  • Although she directs her attention towards all three boys, for most of L.A. Boyz Tori is singing and smiling at Robbie.
  • Robbie is dancing and enjoying the song that Tori (and Cat) are singing.
  • For a good majority of the song, Robbie and Tori keep eye contact with each other and smiling.
  • When Tori and Cat go around to the boys' table during the "show me what you got" portion of the song, Tori dances/sings closer to Robbie than Beck or André.
  • Robbie picks Tori up and helps her down from the stage once the song is over (like Beck did with Cat).

Cell BlockEdit

  • Robbie wanted to see the picture of Tori's butt.
  • He was decided to give up the challenge of not using cell phone just to see the picture.
  • Robbie was so excited to see the picture that Beck and André had to tackle him to keep him from using him phone.

Robbie Sells RexEdit

  • Tori came with Robbie (and Cat) to Mason Thornesmith's office.
  • Tori wanted Robbie to sell Rex, possibly because she thinks he is better without him.
  • Tori says she thinks Robbie would be better off without Rex.
  • Tori says Robbie is 'not normal'.
  • Tori hugs Robbie and puts her head on his shoulder.
  • Tori is worried about Robbie.
  • Tori helps Robbie get Rex back even though she doesn't want Robbie to keep him.
  • Robbie (through Rex) called Tori "cheekbones".
  • Tori picks on Robbie to ask Mason a question.
  • When Robbie says he loves seafood, Tori nods, meaning she already knew that.
  • Tori looks awkward when Rex insults Robbie.
  • Tori leaves Robbie and Rex to talk alone.