This is the list of facts related to Rori found on videos and posts at Most of them are considered canon.

  • André comments that Robbie never lets almost anyone hold Rex, but he lets Tori, supposing he likes Tori.
  • In the comments on Rex's profile video, Robbie says he will change the password on his computer so Rex can´t post mean stuff about people. In his next comment, Rex says Robbie should have picked a harder password than "Tori Vega loves me" to which Tori answers "Really?"
  • Robbie and Tori had to do one of Sikowitz's Drive-by-Acting Exercises together. In these, Robbie gave Tori mouth-to-mouth resuscitation three times (which looks like they're kissing).
  • At the end of their drive-by acting challenge, Tori hits Robbie somewhere, possibly his groin.
  • In the beginning of the video, Robbie and Tori are talking together at her locker and both groan when Sikowitz tells them they have to do a Drive-by-Acting Exercise for him.
  • In the beginning when Tori and Robbie talked it look like they have something in common.
  • Robbie does not have Rex the entire time with Tori in their Drive-by-Acting Exercise video.
  • Robbie says that this was his favorite Drive-by-Acting Exercise.
  • When Tori wanted all her friends to have a virtual group hug with her, Robbie missed it and asked her for a re-do.
  • Robbie goes over to Tori's house and pays her to do an improv scene with him. Tori agrees because she was paid and they do the scene together. Despite her breaking her promise of not saying she was paid, she still lets him stay.
  • Tori is creeped out by Robbie's baby voice.
  • Sikowitz posted a picture of the Ping Pong Team and Tori was hugging Robbie had his arm wrapped around Tori.
  • Rex posted a picture of Robbie crying on Tori's shoulder.
  • Robbie performs "Broken Glass" at Tori's house while she is in the shower.
  • Tori posts saying that she had been practicing her kissing for Steven in the mirror. Rex commented saying she could practice with him. Tori then got mad and told Robbie to tell Rex to stop being creepy. Robbie told her that he couldn't do that.
  • Tori tells Robbie that he shouldn't be bragging about the fact that he can bench about one-fifth of his body weight.
  • In a video of Rex Sings video, instead of Sinjin dancing, Tori was bouncing on a bouncy ball. Even though she didn't want to do it, she ended up doing it. At the end, she "bounced" off, and Robbie followed her.
  • In another video of Rex Sings, when Rex told Tori to just bounce, she declined. But she said yes when Robbie asked her.
  • On TheSlap, Robbie posts "It's not weird that I have a life-size cut-out of Cat. I have life size cut-outs of ALL my pretty girl friends!" This could mean he also has a life-size cut-out of Tori.
  • Tori posts a picture of Robbie trying to make a long distance call on her family's teapot. The two seem like they're just goofing off in the picture.
  • Tori posts a Tori Takes Requests with Robbie. Robbie and Tori study together for an upcoming test. When Tori tells Robbie about people sending her requests, he whispers in her ear "I have a request for you..." Someone tells Tori to play tennis in a bikini, and Robbie really wants her to do it, but instead she makes him do it and they play tennis together.
  • On TheSlap, Robbie posts "I asked Jade for a ride to school. Not sure why we're currently driving thru the desert. And why she has a shovel in the backseat." and Tori replies "Get out now! Trust me!" which means that she is worried about him.
  • Tori posts "Girls' night out! Who wants to hit up Nozu in the PM", Robbie replies "Awesome! I'll meet you there!", but then Tori answers Robbie saying that he can't come, because it's a GIRLS' night out.